Freedom Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre

Freedom Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre is a new clinic which enables patients to experience the journey from injury all the way to return to function. We offer a wide variety of services ranging from Physiotherapy, Functional Rehabilitation, Sports Therapy and Specialist Functional Training, Gait Analysis and Pilates.


Our highly trained physiotherapists can help you recover from sports injuries, back pain, strains, and sprains.

Sports Therapy Rehabilitation

Freedom Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre offers functional rehabilitation and movement restoration that will help you reach your goals.


Freedom Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre provides small, niche Pilates classes for all ages and abilities.


We aim to provide relevant, timely, goal orientated rehabilitation programmes to all our clients in both a 1:1 setting and in group environments.

GP Fast Trak Physiotherapy

We are able to provide a GP Fast Trak services, which ensures you will see a Physiotherapist within two weeks.